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                       Brand story

   Story background: 
Only fish and shrimp are placed in a traditional fish tank, which requires a filter to survive, and due to the temperature difference between the four seasons, it is difficult for aquatic plants to survive. The entire set of traditional fish tank equipment is expensive, bulky, and requires a specific space, making it difficult to clean.
   Induction: After discovering these shortcomings, brand founder Xie wanted to find an aquatic plant that was easy to survive and hardy in all seasons.


1. So after a lot of research on botanical information and continuous experiments, I finally found a plant in China - seeds of small opposite-leaf waterweed, with the scientific name Bacopa monnieri. And abandoned the traditional square fish tank design, and invented a small fish tank that can be placed anywhere in the home

2. However, in the final experimental stage, it was found that watercolor filtration with small pairs of leaves alone is not enough. Over time, the fish tank will produce many floating objects, the aquatic plant tank will easily stand unstable, and insects and other garbage will easily enter the top.


.Finally, after combining these problems, the founder persevered and finally improved the aquatic plant tank through continuous design and experimentation.

① Special aquatic grass mud is made to release trace elements to purify the water, and bacteria decompose organic matter into the aquatic grass mud to provide a nutritional matrix!
Add a wooden base to the bottom to fix the bottle, isolate the ground and maintain temperature!
A wooden ball is added to the top, which is beautiful and can effectively prevent insects and cats at home, and can maintain the temperature!

  A brand was born - ACEX, a complete micro-ecological aquatic plant tank with its own scientific ecological cycle, which restores ecological nature. It does not require filters, is easy to plant and is cold-resistant in all seasons. It can be placed anywhere at home, just like a large tank. Naturally brought home!
Once released, it quickly received a large number of likes and praises, and the views on social media such as Ins.Tiktok exceeded 1 billion.

People like to plant plants and place a small fish tank at home to give life some freshness and slow down life. Green represents vitality and hope, which can cure your bad mood!