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Bring nature home

Feel the magic of nature in the ecological fish tank at home

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What fish is better to put in?
Tropical hypoxic fish, such as guppies and zebrafish, should not be excessive
Do you need to feed the fish?
After adding water to raise fish, feed 2-4 times a week, and the feeding amount is controlled until the fish can be eaten within three minutes
How long can it be raised
Fish and shrimp snails can be raised for a long time if they are not fed too much or the water is changed frequently to cause water quality damage. As long as there is photosynthesis, aquatic plants will continue to grow young leaves, which can be pruned regularly
What did not germinate
First, it may be related to the environment, which requires a temperature of 18-35°, and the sun is exposed to about six hours a day.  Second, the operation is wrong, please watch the tutorial carefully. Third, seed necrosis.